Welcome to Alpine MTB Training


Training for mountain biking should be a holistic experience. Strength, endurance, skill, nutrition and mindset. Each a perfectly tensioned spoke creating a true wheel free of wobbles.

No BS fad workouts that you see on social media built run you into the ground for short term gains.

Practical, scientific, effective training plans that fit your life, goals and abilities.

Built by a professional that understands the need to balance life and fun. Maximize your training time so you can live and ride.



Join a community of proactive riders who are cheering for each other to progress beyond limits you thought were previously unachievable.

When you're down in the valley, overwhelmed by the mountains above you, helping hands will reach out to get you back in the saddle and moving upwards, one pedal stroke at a time.

You will climb higher than the summit you were aiming for.


A strong foundation of fitness and athleticism increases the potential capability of a mountain biker.

Reducing the degrading effects of fatigue on technical skill, will increase your confidence to conquer trail features you once thought were beyond your limits.

Building savage athleticism makes every ride more fun.


Alpine MTB Training provides the following products and services.

  •  Improved climbing times
  •  Faster downhill segments
  •  Increased robustness to bounce up after a crash
  •  Increased confidence in technical terrain
  •  More fun riding your bike



"Life and training are a lot like a mountain bike ride in reverse. You suffer when going down to enjoy the ups. The more you appreciate the need for some suffering, the more fun you have when it counts"


Coach Chris