Epidemic of Burnout in MTB

Sports Psychology, June 08, 2023

Recently I have been having conversations with some clients and other mountain bikers about how they have been feeling burnt out from riding so much. How does this happen? It's not even a month into the season here in Alberta!

Mountain Biking Should be Fun!

Mountain biking should not cause unmanageable stress in your life.

Pushing yourself to ride as much as your free time allows will physically break you down.

Giving into peer pressure to constantly push your limits will break you down mentally.

Comparing yourself to the perfect image you see portrayed on social medial will leave you feeling inadequate.

Focus on your own progression, your own skills. Focus on what you can handle in the moment to make mountain biking what you want it to be for your self.

You do not need to impress anyone with how often you ride, how far you send it or how badass you are.

The number of riders I speak to who get burnt out or injured and then must take extended periods of time off the bike is staggering.

Progression in this sport is a slow burn. Small steps forwards, plateaus, and even the occasional regression are all apart of the journey.

Ensure you enjoy this sport in the long run by committing to simple fundamental concepts in training and skill development within your personal bandwidth.

Adjust your volume, intensity and expectations based on your own personal flow. Progression is not always linear. There's peaks and valleys, just like the mountains we ride in.

I have started a group coaching program called the Alpine MTB Training Crew which is a program which will be continuous all year long adjusting programming and coaching content to deliver what mountain bikers need base on the time of year.

The current phase is focused on building confidence and maintaining strength, mobility and power through the summer.

For $49/month you can join the training crew and be apart of the only comprehensive MTB training program on the market.

No other program offers mountain biking coaching encompassing skills, strength, mobility, nutrition, and endurance under one roof.

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