New Year - New You in 2023

Motivation, January 05, 2023

Whenever a new year comes around it is common to reflect on the previous year and make goals, resolutions and plan for the year to come.

When it comes to mountain biking goals and plans, it can get complicated creating a plan reach your goals. Choosing which events or riding vacations to sign up for. Deciding on a new bike or upgrades for your bike to match the type of riding you will be doing. On top of that is preparing your body and mind for these exciting events. 

The process of training to succeed in accomplishing your goals and enjoy your events can be very complicated and overwhelming for someone without a background in exercise science. 

If you are reading this and questioning if your 2023 riding goals are attainable and if you will be able to reach them. I have a few articles that will help you get some insight and direction as you start your journey to progressing on your bike in 2023.

The first article, I wrote last year at this time about making sure your goals mean something to you. Simply, you want to be excited about the goal. Click below to check it out.

Set Goals that Mean Something to You

Second, building solid, sustainable habits is key to keeping the consistency needed to progress towards your goals. Building new habits is hard. Click the link below to read how to simplify and increase your chance of success.

How to Successfully Create New Habits

The third and final article is on mistakes I commonly see mountain bikers make when they are training. The mistake lead riders to sometimes not reach their goals or get stuck in an endless plateau. Some of the concepts I talk about in the article below build off of the concepts in the previous two articles. 

Training Mistakes Made by Mountain Bikers

I hope you enjoyed the article and have gained some insight on how to move forward with your mountain biking goals and plans for 2023. 

If you are needing any help on the performance side of your mountain biking goals please check out the I offer.

Coaching Plans

As well as a selection of training plans to give you some structure to your training in 2023. There will be a few more training plans dropping in the near future. Including the Gravity Off-Season Training Plan built for the gravity racer or gravity rider who want to crush epic rides in the mountains with gnarly descents.

Training Plans


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