Reason or Excuse?

Motivation, January 30, 2023

What's stopping you from getting started?

Do you recognize any of these as things you say to yourself when you don’t want to ride, train or do something good for yourself?


"I don't have time”


"It's too cold/wet outside.”


"I have too much work to do”


“I’m too tired.”


"It's too expensive”


"It's not as much fun as just going for a ride”


"I'm don't know what to do and feel uncomfortable in the gym"


What's the difference between a reason or excuse?

A reason is considered a fair and logical justification for not participating in something. 

An excuse is made up in an attempt to put the blame on circumstances, which can be logically overcome, rather than being accountable for your own actions.

Sometimes there are valid reasons not do something at that time. I get it, life is hectic and expensive with many different demands placed on us.

Do you find yourself repeating them often, even though you really want to go on bigger rides this summer? 

Keep up with friends or your partner? 

Get on the podium at a race?

Next time you catch yourself saying one of these to yourself as why you don’t do something. 

Ask yourself if it is a valid reason or just a self limiting excuse?

Will physical, financial or emotional harm be done to you or anyone close to you if you did it?

Or, would you be happy and fulfilled when you achieve the results at the end because you took action and started moving forward?

If it is an excuse, holding you back from reaching goals and enjoying your time riding more, take the first steps on a path to improving your mountain biking fitness and goals.

If you think I can help you with your mountain bike specific fitness and skills please send me an email or check out my training plans and coaching packages.